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Dry Casting Report April 2002

Every casting day, Willo and I arrive around 6:30 am and start to set up the area. Around 7:15 am, young Jim Strong turns up, sets out his own gear, then wanders over and offers to give us a hand. Small tasks at taken care of by Jim which allows Terry and me to sort out our own gear, and grab a cup of coffee.

So what, you say? Well how about young Jim celebrating his 80th birthday, being the oldest active club member also and still going "Strong". We wish you all the best, Jim, and look forward to your company in the future.

Last month was a great day for casting, despite the rain (autumn has come!) and along with many visitors, turned out to be a good competition. Distance cast in both divisions by Chas Riegert, 166 metres for 112 gram and 130 metres for artificial bait, gave him top honours.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

"Roy the Boy" pushed me along to produce some favourable results. New lady member Vix Alexander won the ladies division, while young Rhys Jones took out the mini juniors. Congratulations to all casters.

Well, another year of competition ends and another one starts. Don't forget 1 Sportsperson of the Year point is awarded to any cast next month over 120 metres by seniors, or over 100 metres by Ladies, Veterans or Juniors.

Thank you to all my fellow competitors who have assisted over the past 12 months to make the days so enjoyable.

Thanks also to publicity in the Sunday Times and on the ABC "Hook Line and Sinker" show, we had around a dozen visitors to the dry casting, among them some potential new club members.

After the normal competition, some of the casters tried casting with heavier weights and shock leaders.

Keep it straight and long.



Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [Art Cast 1 Metres Bait] Cast 2 Metres A/B Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Gary Gildersleeves1451472900014524198
George Holman159160321211292511623196
Chas Riegert16616633130130261150176
Ric Parker0136141151032211522173
Peter Stoeckel000094911410133
Terry Willison142135280008218128
Andrew Aubrey135116250105116620122
Ken Black1300131009520481798
Malcolm Harris1000100961065388
John Barnes (Visitor)15501600026042
Bob Henderson140141281151222414730229
Roy Killick129124251151142313631215
Jim Strong84881773831613221186
Alan Jones111116231041042110223169
Terry Fuller09510810812526169
Trevor Stam9698197877168114130
Vix Alexander55621257541161892
Mini Juniors
Rhys Jones788616747415471189
Emily Woodford646213465110301770

Winners of the Day:-

Competition Winner Score
112 gramChas Riegert33
Artificial BaitChas Riegert26
Double Handed AccuracyBob Henderson147
Single Handed AccuracyRoy Killick31
Winner of the DayBob Henderson229
Ladies winnerVix Alexander92
Mini Junior winnerRhys Jones89

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