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Dry Casting Report, 11 April 2010.
Dry Casting  

With a strong north east wind blowing and a temperature of 29 degrees, the casters enjoyed a sunny day with a light cloud cover.

The Seniors were on distance first followed by accuracy. Ladies and Mini Juniors cast with the Seniors to even up the numbers. Veterans had accuracy first, then distance.

Thank you to Marcia Pekaar, Owen Williams and Kaitlin Stoeckel for putting out the flags and the caution banners.

Vince Iozzi came as a visitor to get some practise on using an Alvey reel.

The casters welcomed back Bob Henderson and Peter Osborne.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

In the Seniors Peter Pekaar won the distance with a 143 metre in the 112 gram distance. Peter Stoeckel scored a bullseye in the single handed accuracy.

Vets Bob Henderson had the longest cast with a 133 metre in the 112 gram distance. George Holman scored a bullseye in single handed accuracy with Ray Walker scoring a bullseye in double handed accuracy.

I would like to thank the Vets for putting me through the distance so as I could leave early.

The winners for the day were:-

Seniors Peter Pekaar 215 points

Vets George Holman 250 points

Ladies Marcia Pekaar 181 points

Mini Juniors Owen Williams 77 points

It was great to see Owen Williams outscoring Marcia and Peter Pekaar with one of his casts in double handed accuracy.

Casting on the 2nd May will see the Seniors, Ladies and Mini Juniors on accuracy first then distance. Vets will do distance first then accuracy.

A reminder:- Sportsperson of the Year points for Dry Casting days have bonuses for the first casting day of the new competition year, as well as the usual 2 points for attendance. On the first day's casting, every cast over 120 metres, or over 100 metres for Ladies, Juniors and Veterans, receives 1 point.

Dry Casting Officer Allan Jones

Dry Casting report Seniors, Ladies, Mini-Juniors

As mentioned last month, Mark Hansen has returned to casting, again scoring over 100 points in double handed accuracy. He cast over 100 metres in the 112 gram event, all whilst trying out a new casting style.

Once again, Peter Stoeckel won the single handed accuracy and registered the only bullseye in the Seniors. Peter Pekaar's cast in the Artificial Bait was judged to be the straightest cast in our group.

Wendy chose not to cast in the distance events but helped extensively with the scoring. Marcia's and Wendy's accuracy scores were close, but distance number 4 proved difficult for Wendy, allowing Marcia to win the event. Not to be outdone, Wendy easily won the single handed accuracy.

Kaitlin Stoeckel and Owen Williams shared wins in all events, with Kaitlin missing out on a bullseye by a whisker in single handed accuracy.

Being a small gathering it requires us all to pitch in. Thank you everyone.

Peter Pekaar


These scores were compiled on the day of casting, 11 April) and do not include points for attendance at April General Meeting (14 April).

Level Line Distance results for the day (11 April 2010):-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Peter Pekaar119114231261302613414328
Mark Hansen5782147856137910218
Peter Stoeckel707515767615959819
George Holman11201110110821120012
Gary Gildersleeves01181210401012813126
Allan Jones10711022107952012112625
Bob Henderson100105211011072113312226
Terry Fuller9187188185179810921
Malcolm Head103972092941912011624
Peter Osborne85851781851711611223
Ray Walker5606606012656713
Jim Strong437612566012686613
Geoff Raftis7608768416010511
John Crompton588314827816929719
Trevor Stam658215655712847816
Dean Stewart728015727014948818
Marcia Pekaar7608677714889118
Wendy HansenDid not cast
Mini Juniors  
Owen Williams14436421250384
Kaitlin Stoeckel281751823423265

Accuracy results and Totals for the day (11 April 2010):-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Casting Attendance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
Peter Pekaar722222168171511813061020510 215
Mark Hansen417871321151710256101215910 169
Peter Stoeckel51519300191980510502014910 159
George Holman2022192420221523165810583124010 250
Gary Gildersleeves112124222217222316289602323310 243
Allan Jones161817241018201213543982422610 236
Bob Henderson16142312213222212475272121310 223
Terry Fuller19202123151117913558601921010 220
Malcolm Head1472415110222211577092320110 211
Peter Osborne19171813231218171370004419810 208
Ray Walker5161725062008943492014010 150
Jim Strong9015201210006638401511810 128
Geoff Raftis4022135120056000889910 109
John Crompton150050015944005059810 108
Trevor Stam0015301040328605199410 104
Dean Stewart03091800030420288510 95
Marcia Pekaar2091391810151911356161817110 181
Wendy Hansen116121900915724793239510 105
Mini Juniors  
Owen Williams2301011    44120586710 77
Kaitlin Stoeckel6900    15900093810 48

Winners of the Day (11 April 2010):-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score23Peter Pekaar22Allan Jones
56 gram Distance119 mPeter Pekaar118 mGary Gildersleeves
Artificial Bait Score26Peter Pekaar21George Holman, Bob Henderson
Artificial Bait Distance130 mPeter Pekaar108 mGeorge Holman
112 gram Score28Peter Pekaar26Gary Gildersleeves, Bob Henderson
112 gram Distance143 mPeter Pekaar133 mBob Henderson
Double Handed Acc.118Peter Pekaar165George Holman
Single Handed Acc.20Peter Stoeckel31George Holman
Section Highest Points215Peter Pekaar250George Holman

Event:Ladies WinnerMini Juniors Winner
56 gram Score8Marcia Pekaar6Owen Williams
56 gram Distance76 mMarcia Pekaar43 mOwen Williams
Artificial Bait Score14Marcia Pekaar5Owen Williams
Artificial Bait Distance77 mMarcia Pekaar42 mOwen Williams
112 gram Score18Marcia Pekaar5Kaitlin Stoeckel
112 gram Distance91 mMarcia Pekaar38 mOwen Williams
Double Handed Acc.113Marcia Pekaar44Owen Williams
Single Handed Acc.23Wendy Hansen9Kaitlin Stoeckel
Section Highest Points181Marcia Pekaar77Owen Williams

EventOverall Winner April 2010Year's Best up to April
56 gram Score23Peter Pekaar30Ian Cook, Malcolm Harris
56 gram Distance119 mPeter Pekaar155 mIan Cook
Artificial Bait Score26Peter Pekaar30Malcolm Harris, Peter Pekaar
Artificial Bait Distance130 mPeter Pekaar150 mPeter Pekaar
112 gram Score28Peter Pekaar35Peter Pekaar
112 gram Distance143 mPeter Pekaar179 mMalcolm Harris
Double Handed Acc.165George Holman171Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.31George Holman37George Holman
Section Highest Points250George Holman293Gary Gildersleeves

Dry Casting top scores for 2009/10

Total scores up to and including April casting, but excluding attendance points for April General Meeting. Only the best 11 months out of 12 will count at the end of the competition year. These will be announced at and published after the Presentation of Trophies.

George Holman29721Eric Parker109816Terry Willison22431
Allan Jones27712Jeff Hewton92817Andrew Vanzyl21532
Peter Pekaar25413Bob Henderson88318Peter Osborne20833
Terry Fuller24984Geoff Raftis65419Pat McKeown20734
Marcia Pekaar22715Holly Walker56620Andrew Pekaar17835
Malcolm Head21506Ian Cook55521Greg Walker13036
John Crompton17627Rhys Jones53722Michael Goldenberg10237
Mark Hansen16838Jim Strong48823Gino Bird9738
Gary Gildersleeves15739Jennie Stoeckel35424Andrew Kymantas6939
Malcolm Harris154110Michelle Walker32725Wilf Core6640
Dean Stewart138411Kaitlin Stoeckel30926Sarah Wignell5141
Vix Alexander135512Charles Faure30827Kevin Frampton3542
Trevor Stam124813Ray Walker29828Eric Leigh3143
Wendy Hansen115214Shane Wignell26829Matt Dillon3144
Peter Stoeckel112115Owen Williams22830   

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This page was prepared on 12 April 2010, updated with the report on 4 May 2010.

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