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Dry Casting Report August 2003

With the most of the club's casters still away at Yamba, there were not very many starters at the August Dry Casting.

Roy Killick, Jim and Trevor had flown back the previous night. Roy and Jim didn't have rods but turned up to help run the morning. Trevor pulled out his backup casting gear and came to cast and clanged the single handed target.

There weren't very many casters, but the weather was really good for August and the day was great as usual.

The new thick, non stretch ropes for marking the distance V court made laying out the court sooo much easier, and much easier to see where the boundary is.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Keep it straight and long. TerryF.


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [Artificial Cast 1 Metres bait] Cast 2 Metres A/B Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Terry Willison0147150117126418109
John Romano0107110951072699
Peter Stoeckel01001095991965498
Nick Moshos (Visitor)065762671341970
Tony D'Alonzo136119261061062113026203
Trevor Stam01121186761610920156
Terry Fuller94102209396197513127

Winners of the Day:-

Caster ScoreCaster Score
Highest points on the DayTony D'Alonzo203
112 gram Seniors winnerTerry Willison15112 gram Veterans winnerTony D'Alonzo26
Artificial Bait Seniors winnersPeter Stoeckel19Artificial Bait Veterans winnersTony D'Alonzo21
Double Handed Accuracy Seniors winnerJohn Romano72Double Handed Accuracy Veterans winnerTony D'Alonzo130
Single Handed Accuracy Seniors winnerTerry Willison18Single Handed Accuracy Veterans winnerTony D'Alonzo26

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