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Dry Casting Report December 2001

Greeting Willo at the Oval, the first thing that got our attention was the wind and how strong it was and coming right at us. So strong that when young Trev arrived and got out of his car, he let go of the door and a gust of the wind nearly carried him over to the next Oval. Gathering his strength during a lull, Trev got back to us and we put at least half a dozen 4 ounce sinkers into his pockets to stabilise him.

A few mumbles were heard about the wind and Aubs assured me his Dad told him you can't have it your way all the time. Anyway quite a few out of bounds and short casts were blamed on the wind. Roy and I were scoring for the Vets and struggled to stay out on the Oval while those two Tele tubbies were rock solid. I noticed a couple of shifty types waited until those two stood side-by-side and used the wind break to put down some reasonable casts.

I'll sneak in a "well done" to Mal Head because I'm grateful for his assistance and guidance with the mini juniors while a I'm out in the middle. Thanks mate.

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Reliable sources gave me a story about Gary. Seems he was up to his usual brilliance in the double handed event and scored a bull's-eye, then fluffed up the next cast in a big way. Don't worry, Gary. As you know even the best of us to drop our standards at times. It's just that you have to turn a deaf ear to the advice you get from the others.

That reminds me, Trev fluffed a beauty in the single-handed and so I gave him another try, and yes, you're right, he scored a bull's-eye, which put a rustic spring in his step away.

The following is the truth, the "Hole Truff" and no explanation can be found.

This certain bloke has been having a miserable run lately and hasn't been totally with it. One or two flashes of mediocrity over the year is about the best he can do. But Sunday produced a saga that will be waffled around the campfires for years to come......

First of all he exerted most of his energy looking after others, and when it came to his turn to cast he appeared in a senile mood.

A couple of good distance casts, (considering the wind and them actually being in the court) put a smile on his dial. Comes the double handed event and he actually does a bit better than usual and actually scores a bull's-eye at the short distance.

Now by this time I felt something was in the air and asked if Roy and I could join them during the single-handed casting. Begrudgingly he mumbles okay.

The four of us went through our first few casts with no special significance. Then you know who produced his bull's-eye and was beaming with importance. Stepping up for his last cast he drops another clanger.

With a whoop and a holler, he springs into the air (imagine a camel with a backside full of angry bees) producing a leap like Sir Robert Helpman (being about 80 years old). Upon landing, starts a victory dance (imagine a hippo doing a John Travolta) only to slip and twist his ankle. Stumbling off and mumbling to himself he left us rolling around on the grass, killing ourselves with laughter. Those who caught this display will have it etched in our memories forever.

But wait there is more. George was using his video camera to tape our casting actions for review and just might have caught it on tape. Can you imagine the awards we could win if we could get that tape onto "Funniest Home Videos".

Would you believe there is not a person in Kirk Street Balcatta or the Willison neighbourhood that hasn't heard of certain person's casting greatness. Ain't it sweet when a "mate" does well.

Congratulations to Roy for winning the double handed event, to Nick and Chas for sharing the artificial bait, and Nick for winning the 112 gram event. To young Rhys a well done and the same to Nick for being top dog for the day. Of course we can't let Willo off just because he won the single-handed event and also showed us numerous dance steps. What donkey said "casting is boring?"

Keep it straight and long.


PS. To all the guys who always make the casting day a great day - thank you.


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [Artificial Cast 1 Metres bait] Cast 2 Metres A/B Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Andrew Aubrey 125 120 25 101 0 10 85 20 140
Nick Allsworth 144 146 29 108 111 22 129 27 207
Chas Riegert 137 142 28 110 109 22 99 12 161
Terry Willison 120 115 24 100 0 10 93 34 161
Eric Parker 132 119 25 95 89 18 74 14 131
Gary Gildersleeves 126 0 13 104 104 21 137 13 184
Ken Black 111 106 22 96 73 17 61 15 115
George Holman 131 129 26 96 0 10 89 22 147
Darren Batchelor 0 0 0 0 106 11 106 0 117
Sean Fuller (Visitor) 0 0 0 85 100 10 41 9 69
Trevor Stam 86 84 17 61 71 13 122 13 165
Roy Killick 110 114 22 0 84 8 144 16 190
Terry Fuller 0 108 11 88 82 17 120 16 164
Jim Strong 0 62 6 0 68 7 65 20 98
Mal Head 103 0 10 0 0 0 120 20 150
Alan Jones 106 105 21 0 0 0 108 8 137
Andy Thorgersen 60 83 14 50 64 11 42 8 75
Tony D'Alonzo 105 102 21 88 79 17 118 28 184
Bob Henderson 123 128 25 106 98 20 126 19 190
Mini Juniors
Emily Woodford 58 50 11 50 40 9 42 9 71
Rhys Jones 61 66 13 0 0 0 56 15 84

Winners of the Day:-

Competition Winner Score
112 gram Nick Allsworth 29
Artificial Bait Nick Allsworth/Chas Riegert 22
Double Handed Accuracy Roy Killick 144
Single Handed Accuracy Terry Willison 34
Overall Winner of the Day Nick Allsworth 207
Mini Junior Rhys Jones 84

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