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Dry Casting Report December 2003

What a magnificent day!

The weather Gods smiled upon us and there was NO DAMN EASTERLY wind blowing into our faces on a beautiful sunshiny day. A modicum of a southerly breeze gently caressed our brows as went about our monthly ritual of casting.

Hang about, this is getting a little too poetic here. It was an excellent day for casting. Enough said.

Eleven seniors, eight veterans and two ladies turned out to pit their respective skills against each other. I think from perusing the results that the best competition of the day was between the two ladies.

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Vix kicked off winning the 112 gram, but muffed the Artificial Bait letting Annella get in there. The double handed accuracy Vix was back in front again (just) and Annella exchanged places again in the Single Handed. At the end of the day there was only ONE point separating the two ladies, with Vix taking the final honours.

For the first time that I can remember, the overall result of the day was a tie between Garry and Roy with Roy's superb effort in the single handed getting him home to the winners circle and a share of the club record.

I will comment that without Bob present to stir the vets along, they took their time completing the distance events. I appreciate that with the warmer weather they didn't want to push some of the old fellas too hard, but to take a morning tea break, boil the billy and have a cuppa half way through the event. I know we are pretty lay back but that's pushing the point just a little bit don't you think..

At the completion of the normal events, a 112 gram open event was run with 10 competitors giving their best. By this time the wind had picked up and turned to come from the west a bit. This obviously aided a few casters. Joe Pull the other leg let go a beauty. Must have had the weather man turn the wind up at just the right time. A prospective new Club Record of 195.9 metres and the longest cast made in Western Australia in competition (by the merest 800 millimetres, 80 centimetres, no 8 decimetres or 0.8 metre sounds better). Congratulations Joe.

Until the 4th January 2004, stay safe and enjoy the festive season. TT2 (Tele Tubby 2) - DCO


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [Art Cast 1 Metres bait] Cast 2 Metres A/B Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Gary Gildersleeves140138281151172314919219
Nick Allsworth155156311181272512413193
Malcolm Harris149138291151262411223188
Chas Riegert16916634127123259422175
Joe Pullella01681701201211521165
Terry Willison1401352811201110211152
Peter Stoeckel1031072110095208712140
Ric Parker1331372710411322798136
Andrew Aubrey13413727000987132
Mark Hansen01021093941934063
Roy Killick1211142495961914036219
Allan Jones138141281131092212012182
Mal Head13012826981032011015171
Terry Fuller831031978821611412161
Jim Strong9393197177151189161
Trevor Stam77088692181239158
Geoff Raftis000869118986122
Tom Lund000430411621
Vix Alexander10194208609925126
Annella Riegert707615626012908125

112 gram Open event:-

Name Cast 1 metresCast 2 metres
Nick Allsworth166167
Chas Riegert177184.7
Malcolm Harris142154
Gary Gildersleeves1480
Peter Stoeckel112112
George. Holman178177
Joe Pullella195.9182
Vix Alexander109104
Trevor Stam115117
Allan Jones149149.5

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans WinnerLadies Winner
112 gram DistanceChas Riegert34Allan Jones28Vix Alexander20
Artificial BaitGeorge Holman26Allan Jones22Annella Riegert12
Double Handed Acc.Gary Gildersleeves149Roy Killick140Vix Alexander92
Single Handed Acc.Mal Harris23Roy Killick36Annella Riegert8
112 gram OpenJoe Pullella195.9
Days High PointsGary & Roy219

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