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Fishing Field Day Report, Golden Bay to Seabird - December 2005

Extended "Local", boundaries Golden Bay to Seabird on 10-11 December 2005

Just eight of our members struggled out of bed to take advantage of the extended boundaries and fishing times for this weekend. The weather on the Saturday could not have been better, glassy calm water, (a little too calm for tailor as it turned out) but it was just magic to be on the beach at first light.

Sunday was a different matter entirely with a front moving in overnight. The wind was up and the rain came down but still fishable if you were keen enough.

Josh, Peter and George fished the Metro areas with a good range of species between them. Peter did particularly well with eight species from the one location.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Ian and Mark elected to fish the up and down the Canning River. A couple of black bream and a few that got away was all their reward.

Tony fished north around the Moore River and Vix and I did the same. It's funny who you meet on the beach at times, or should I say scary. Vix and I had identified our spot and arrived while it was still dark to give us enough time to set up for first light. We drove down to the beach and killed the lights then proceeded to assemble our fishing gear in the back of the vehicle.

Then out of the dark and very close to my ear comes a "G'day." After I climbed down from on top of the vehicle and my vision cleared I recognized the unmistakable figure of Tony enjoying my discomfort. He had arrived before us and was sitting behind a rock waiting for the light to come up and we had driven to within a few meters of where he was sitting without seeing him. It seems that at times no matter how early you think you are someone else is going to be there before you.

The weigh-in was held at George's place on Sunday afternoon and it was good to see Terry and Ric attend even though they did not fish. By the number of species that was weighed in you could be mistaken for assuming that the field day was held in more productive waters than that around Perth.

Twelve species were caught on this Field Day :- herring, tailor, skippy, tarwhine, flathead, pike, whiting, garfish, break sea cod, slimy mackerel, wirrah and wrasse.

There was one bag of tailor, 5 dozen herring, and a couple of each of the other species. It just goes to prove that we are very fortunate to live in a city that has easy access to good fishing right on its door step. With the co-operation of all fishers hopefully we will keep it that way into the future.

Another good fishing weekend, a fair catch and all so close to home

The next field day is another close one, Preston/White Hills on the 14/15 January 2006, so hopefully it will tempt more people to attend.

Hope to see you on the beach next time. Malcolm Harris, Field Day Officer.


Results for the December 2005 Field Day.

AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Malcolm Harris 7.41 kg 7 30 184.1
Tony D'Alonzo 6.75 kg 6 30 177.5
Peter Osborne 3.1 kg 8 14 161
Vix Alexander 4.45 kg 5 19 134.5
George Holman 2.05 kg 2 8 90.5
Josh Lucocq 0.85 kg 1 5 68.5
Ian Cook 0 kg 0 0 50

Sportsperson of the Year Sections and Field Day prizes for December 2005.

Best Scale Fish Vix Alexander Tailor 0.675 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Malcolm Harris Mixed Bag 7.41 kg

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