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Dry Casting Report February 2003

What a day of miracles and disasters.

First up while setting up we got rained on, (in February in Perth!) then Willo had to nick off and go back to work. Bad signs.

Next, Stokes turned up, the wind started to blow a tailwind, Vix brandished a new rod but had a huge grin on her face. Some mumbles in the background, then casting began.

Roy the boy snapped off, (rare event) AJ snapped off, Mal, Peter Mahony, Jim, Trevor, also had problems. In the background I could hear some of those seniors having problems. Even Vix had a break off.

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But there were good signs also. Chas belted one down 179 metres, Nick 172 metres, Aubs 142 metres, Mal Harris 160 metres, Vix 116 metres, (must be the new rod), and the most telling miracle - Stokes got one over 100 metres.

More success. Bullseye by Roy, Trevor and miracle man Stokes. Even I got into the swing of things and reset the veterans 112 gram and artificial bait club records with a little bit of help from that tailwind.

Chas won the 112 gram event, George won the artificial bait, and Roy easily won the double handed and single handed accuracy and was top dog for the day.

Reminiscing on the day, I can still break out a small smile with memories of Vix and her new rod, the veterans all being straight during the double handed accuracy event, the first tailwind for a long time, the encouraging distance casting by all, the personal best for some, the laughter and comradery. Another great day.

There's a single handed open during next month's casting and some practice casting after the sausage sizzle.

Keep it straight and long. Hendo.


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [56 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 56g Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Gary Gildersleeves140164301301312611910185
Chas Riegert179168351420141098166
Malcolm Harris0160160001268150
George Holman15917433144146296516143
Nick Allsworth1711723413613827688137
Ben Lilburne12813827114112233815103
Rick Parker0146151141162348894
Andrew Aubrey014214013514461488
Colin Lilburne000000641276
Peter Stoeckel11301109910351470
Roy Killick0138141101002114623204
Tony D'Alonzo135134271091092213714200
Bob Henderson152162311321242612811196
Mal Head1131242401001012619179
Allan Jones1240120001333148
Peter Mahony0007463141284146
Terry Fuller68106178084161037143
Jim Strong9801008281076131
Trevor Stam099108483178812127
Vix Alexander1160121019119893123
Rhys Jones10010721907917998145
Mini Juniors
Andrew Stoeckel475010400451570

Winners of the Day:-

Caster Score
Highest points on the DayRoy Killick204
112 gram Seniors winnerChas Riegert35
112 gram Veterans winnerBob Henderson31
Artificial bait Seniors winnerGeorge Holman29
Artificial bait Veterans winnerBob Henderson26
Double Handed Accuracy Seniors winnerMalcolm Harris126
Double Handed Accuracy Veterans winnerRoy Killick146
Single Handed Accuracy Seniors winnerGeorge Holman16
Single Handed Accuracy Veterans winnerRoy Killick23
Ladies winnerVix Alexander123
Junior winnerRhys Jones145
Mini Junior winnerAndrew Stoeckel56

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