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January 2002 Fishing Field Day, Preston Beach to Golden Bay.

The January Field Day was run with the Mandurah 500 on 26/27 January 2002. Boundaries for this field day were from the northern end of Golden bay to 10km south of Preston beach carpark.

And so it was the Spencer King and I arrived at the Mandurah 500 sign on at about 1:30pm, after a quick drive down to Mandurah (one of the nice things about close field days). Thankfully, due to the great work of the Mandurah 500 crew, this was a painless procedure. After much debate we decided to fish south of Preston beach where hopefully, the beach might be a bit quieter (but not before trying to suss out where Tony D'Alonzo was one knew...of course!!)

Did I say quiet, I should have known better, we arrived at Preston to find 4wd's everywhere, it seemed everyone in Perth had decided to fish the same spot. This was probably due to a combination of the fishing competition, and a long weekend.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

After a bit of a drive, we settled into a spot about 3 km south, did the fishing chores such as rigging up and setting the berley bag, and settled down for some serious fishing. The berley bag did the trick and after about an hour, we were into a hot little session on Whiting and Herring. The arrival of darkness saw the distribution of bigger gear to target Sharks and Mulloway (yeah right, we should be so lucky!!). Unfortunately, the conditions, although comfortable, were not ideal as there was a decreasing tide and full moon. The night was uneventful fishing wise although I did catch a huge Blue Manna Crab. (Gee, I wish I could have weighed that in!)

The crack of dawn saw us once again fishing for the bread and butter species, of which there was no shortage. Try as we may, we couldn't really get into any of the chopper Tailor that are usually prolific on these beaches at this time of year (maybe the full moon??)

Leaving the beach for the weigh-in, it seemed like the number of people fishing had swelled over night. Upon arrival we meet the rest of the club and watched the Mandurah 500 competition. This was a real eye opener as there was about 3 large Mulloway, and 3 big Sharks entered. It just shows, no matter what the conditions are like, there is no substitute for having a line in the water.

As John was away fishing in Albany (lucky bugger!) this club weigh-in was my first as an FDO. I'd like to thank all the senior members there who helped show me the ropes and ensured a smooth weigh-in.

And so ended another field day, great weather, reasonable fishing, a lot of people, and a great time had by all.

Damian D'Mello, Assistant Field Day Officer.


Attendance: Seniors - 15, Juniors - 0, Mini Juniors - 2, Visitors - 1, Total - 18.

Name Weight Species Fish Points
Tony D'Alonzo 3.3 kg 4 30 123
Filomena D'Alonzo 3.23 kg 4 30 112
Damian D'Mello 2.40 kg 3 23 104
Spencer King 2.10 kg 3 23 101
George Holman 1.48 kg 3 13 95
Terry Fuller 2.40 kg 2 20 94
Rob Mitchell 0.12 kg 1 1 61
Ross Kember 0 kg 0 0 50
Peter Stoeckel 0 kg 0 0 50
Eric Parker 0 kg 0 0 50
Julie Kember 0 kg 0 0 40
Paul Mollet (Visitor) 0 kg 0 0 40
Daniel Stoekel 0 kg 0 0 40
Andrew Stoeckel 0 kg 0 0 40
Ken Black 0 kg 0 0 40
Andy Thorgersen 0 kg 0 0 40
Darren Batchelor 0 kg 0 0 40
Don Batchelor 0 kg 0 0 40

Sportsperson of the Year Section Winners for November.

Best Scale Fish Filomena D'Alonzo, Tailor 0.35 kg
Best Bag of Scale Fish Tony D'Alonzo, Mixed 3.3 kg

Field Day Prizes for November.

Best Scale Fish Filomena D'Alonzo, Tailor 0.35 kg
Best Bag of Scale Fish Tony D'Alonzo, Mixed 3.3 kg

Field Day Top Ten up to November.

Position Angler Total Points
1. Tony D'Alonzo 1860.8
2. John Jardine 1127
3. Damian D'Mello 788.5
4. George Holman 677.01
5. Spencer King 342.5
6. Andy Woodford 314
7.} Ian Cook 307
7.} Eric Parker 307
9. Ken Black 270.5
10. Ian Taggart 255.5

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