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Dry Casting Report January 2004

The New Year has arrived but things haven't changed in regards to our venue for dry casting at Yokine Reserve.

My good wife and I arrived a tad before seven o'clock with only Bob and Terry setting up, and Jim Strong as early as always.

I got the die rolled around to select the distances and TT1 got it sorted as quick as a blink.

I must comment here that, without the help of Terry Willison and Bob Henderson in setting up the courts and layouts, we simply wouldn't have a dry casting day. In appreciation of their efforts I simply ask that casters PLEASE help with the packing up at the end of the day and give these two members a little relief.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

The other Terry turned up and drew to my attention a comment I made in a past report. His words were something like "who upset the wind gods by cursing those damn easterlies?" Yes that indefatigable wind was blowing its heart out again.

Hendo noted that there was a guy down the other end when he was setting up that had a wind monitor. He stated that at that time the wind was blowing at about 35 kilometres per hour. Now if we could only get to cast from the other end of the park.... But alas, we are stuck with where we are.

Prior to casting I had occasion to speak with one of the local Rangers. Nice guy. He drove around our courts before we started and we all smiled when he approached another wandering pedestrian with a dog running loose, and told him to back off from where he was heading, directly into our casting courts. It would be nice to have him down there every month.

8:30 rattled up pretty quick and the veterans got into their distance casting while the seniors vainly tried to hit that pretty pink target. Mind you, Peter Stoeckel and I managed the feat, much to the disdain of several others. Especially when I hit it twice in a row. The second cast at the closest distance, then the first cast at the longest distance, followed by a big zero on the next cast. Talk about hot and cold casting. Gotta get consistent....

This day we welcomed Kevin and Janet Hughes of the Bunbury Club along. It looks like they might become regular casters as they now reside in Perth. Additionally, Abra de Klerk, a prospective new member of the SCAC came along with his South African type gear, and demonstrated that with a little practise he will also be a very competitive caster. As he said, "just got to get my gear right".

All in all, the day was most pleasant with 12 seniors, 8 veterans, 2 ladies and 2 juniors, a total of 20 people casting on this day.

A little tip for casting. When the wind is blowing as bad as it was today, try lengthening the drop on your weight and thereby throwing flatter into the wind. A high cast will indubitably result in having the weight blown back towards the caster. A low cast punches into the wind better and gets further out there. Look at the results of today's casting and see what I mean. I kept the trajectory low and ended up with my best cast some 13 metres longer than the next best caster and whopping 23 metres longer than the third best. Think about it next time and try for yourself.

A couple of matters for the Sergeant at Arms. 1. Pete Stoeckel's first cast in the 56 gram broke off and was spotted and quickly retrieved by Kevin Hughes. The weight was NOT a 56-gram unit at all, but an 84-gram (3oz) weight. Any wonder it went 160 metres into that wind.. Naughty boy Peter. 2. Normally at the conclusion of casting we have a sausage sizzle. Hendo is usually so efficient in his duties as social organiser, but, today he left the gas line for the B-B-Q at home and we were not able to cook any sausages. Come on man. I mean, I am fading away to just a shadow of myself. I need food.....

This months winners are as per the table of results below. Until next time, stay safe and remember to practise. It pays dividends, ask Roy.

TT2 (Tele Tubby 2) - DCO


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [56 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 56g Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Chas Riegert136151291241352613026211
George Holman1321272612201213723198
Gary Gildersleeves131126261121112212813189
Joe Pullella14613929112110221165172
Malcolm Harris12613426110103219916162
Terry Willison116012101108218121135
Ric Parker01171210001010012134
Peter Stoeckel01141109291130133
Kevin Hughes (vis)105105210001019131
Andrew Aubrey105107210828856120
Mark Hansen82961866871556594
Abra De Klerk94991900050776
Roy Killick0981085691516729221
Mal Head10510221900912825183
Terry Fuller798917790814214181
Bob Henderson1151092210701111720170
Allan Jones10911422099109818148
Jim Strong7376157252129119137
Geoff Raftis91941908488510122
Trevor Stam8509540546262
Janet Hughes (vis)810800076791
Vix Alexander650700037246
Rhys Jones11410322848317736118
Andrew Stoeckel540535357351663

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans WinnerLadies WinnerJuniors Winner
112 gram DistanceChas and Joe29Bob and Allan22Janet Hughes8Rhys Jones22
56 gram DistanceChas Riegert26Roy Killick15Janet and Vix0Rhys Jones17
Double Handed Acc.George Holman137Roy Killick167Janet Hughes92Rhys Jones73
Single Handed Acc.Chas Riegert26Roy Killick29Janet Hughes8Andrew Stoeckel16
Days High PointsRoy Killick221

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