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Dry Casting Report, 3 July 2005.
Dry Casting  

July saw a total of 22 casters present with good weather to start with but towards the end of casting the rain made its presence known. We had a brisk side wind which made accuracy casting very difficult and certainly made it hard to get the distance casts in the court to count, which showed up in the scores as there were a lot of zeros.

Terry Willison, Allan Jones and I had most of the courts ready before the main group arrived and appreciated the help some of the earlier arrivals offered. We did start a little late but some need a bit of practice!!

Chas Riegert led the field in the 56 gram distance with a cast of 149 metres, with five seniors casting better than 130 metres which was excellent. Peter Osborne was most consistent in this event in the veterans and Annella Riegert in the ladies. Rhys Jones had both casts in court with his longest at 116 metres and young Marlin Heaney had both casts in as well.

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Keith Heaney cast a new State Record in the artificial bait with 159 metres and next longest was Nick Allsworth with 140 metres. Tony D'Alonzo won the veterans and Vix Alexander just beat Annella in the ladies while Rhys Jones had both casts over 100 metres.

Keith Heaney again showed the way in the 112 gram level line with 192 and 184 metres and Nick Allsworth cast well with 172 and 178 metres.

Peter Osborne was best in the vets and Vix again shaded Annella in the ladies. Rhys Jones did some excellent casts in the junior event with casts of 135 and 144 metres.

Accuracy was a very hit and miss affair as there were only seven casters better than 100 out of 200 due to the strong cross wind. That cagey Trevor Stam continued his red hot form with 155 and next best was Terry Fuller with 148 and ever consistent Gary Gildersleeves with 142. There were a lot of zeros. Gary scored the only bull's-eye in this event.

There were four bull's-eyes in the single-handed accuracy, Gary Gildersleeves, Chas Riegert, Terry Willison and Terry Fuller. Top score went to Chas Riegert and Terry Fuller with 26 points, Vix Alexander won the ladies and Marlin Heaney the mini juniors.

In the open single-handed events Chas Riegert set a new distance record with a cast of 100 metres.

Thanks to all who helped put the gear away at the end of casting. Remember Terry Willison is having his operation on 2 August so we will need some helpers early for the August cast. Election of officers was at the Annual General Meeting in July and we need a new Dry Casting Officer and assistant.

The sausage sizzle at the end of the day was well received and to Terry and his helpers a very big thank you. Paul Thompson and John Romano were present keeping an eye on proceedings. They should both bring a rod and have a go.

There will be a 112 gram open distance event at the August casting to prepare those going away to Yeppoon. It may mean we will finish a bit late but it is too important not to run this event on this day.

Those going to the National Championships and who want their casting rods transported are reminded that after casting concludes any rods that need to go must be ready so they can be packed.

Remember also the casting group meeting at George Holman's residence on Monday 8 August to finalise arrangements for Yeppoon, pay Chas Riegert for rod transport and arrange the next State dry casting championship event for 30 October.

See you all on the 7th of August George Holman.


Level Line Distance results for the day:-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Mal Harris 135127261171272415515731
Garry Gildersleeves 1311302611411623014715
Nic Allsworth 1361432801401417217835
Chas Riegert 149137291321262616516033
Tony Ong 122123251211202415415030
Terry Willison 1401292713312826015516
Kieth Heaney 00001591619218438
Eric Parker 11812825011111000
Mark Hansen 8609000013313
Terry Fuller 10101008380798
Tony D'Alonzo 01141199992011411923
Trevor Stam 7708079896010
Peter Osborne 107110220991013013226
Mal Head 10901191941911911624
Jim Strong 64060747788917
Geoff Raftis 109011989519125013
George Holman 116012012412000
Allan Jones 1060119801011412924
Vix Alexander 7608707314817916
Annella Riegert 458113666813686814
Rhys Jones 102116221041022113514428
Mini Juniors  
Marlin Heaney 225072727520406

Accuracy results and Totals for the day:-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy  
Seniors Distance 3 Distance 1 Distance 4 Distance 2 Total L S L S Total Day Total
Mal Harris 1515231315151619131265417229
Garry Gildersleeves 2018182502222171421007522228
Nic Allsworth 16151124701724114318618209
Chas Riegert 0121624100015775103826191
Tony Ong 021123009156000000139
Terry Willison 10101000616433108021133
Kieth Heaney 24452607176508008127
Eric Parker 11816413002173292417126
Mark Hansen 0000002032309091863
Terry Fuller 1920212221923221484105726200
Tony D'Alonzo 191713220121820121177621196
Trevor Stam 221816212120152215543108189
Peter Osborne 112350172310493388625176
Mal Head 102210211245129650005155
Jim Strong 902319861919103005813146
Geoff Raftis 9212319007079070310132
George Holman 001910410232288050712124
Allan Jones 18802461001177     122
Vix Alexander 2202523142068307818124
Annella Riegert 0017181190055     95
Rhys Jones 2200190015056     127
Mini Juniors.  
Marlin Heaney 0220180091502000270

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerScoreVeterans WinnerScore
56 gram DistanceChas Riegert29Peter Osborne22
Artificial Bait distanceRiegert/Willison26Tony D'Alonzo20
112 gram DistanceKeith Heaney38Peter Osborne26
Double Handed Accuracy.Gary Gildersleeves142Trevor Stam155
Single Handed AccuracyChas Riegert26Terry Fuller26
Event:Ladies WinnerScoreJunior WinnerScore
56 gram DistanceAnnella Riegert13Rhys Jones22
Artificial Bait distanceVix Alexander14Rhys Jones21
112 gram DistanceVix Alexander14Rhys Jones28
Double Handed Accuracy.Vix Alexander 68Rhys Jones56
Single Handed AccuracyVix Alexander18No casts 
Days High PointsMalcolm Harris229 

Event:Mini Junior WinnerScore
56 gram DistanceMarlin Heaney7
Artificial Bait distanceMarlin Heaney5
112 gram DistanceMarlin Heaney6
Double Handed Accuracy.Marlin Heaney50
Single Handed Accuracy.Marlin Heaney2

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