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June 2000 Fishing Field Day:- Bremer Bay.

The Bremer Bay trip was poorly attended, which I can understand, as it is a long way to travel and the weather can be a bit on the cold and damp side. I think that I speak for those who did go though, when I say that it was another really enjoyable trip. The weather was kind and apart from ten minutes drizzle on night it was fairly mild and for the most part dry. It's worth going just for the fantastic scenery. The beaches in the area are stunning.

I spent the first day fishing live herring from the rocks with my mate Pete, in the hopes of a big Samson fish. But apart from one run which Pete missed they didn't show. The kids had a ball however catching herring from the rocks and got most upset when I wanted to pinch them for livebait. Thankfully Lara was more understanding and sacrificed her herring for bait, catching them to order as Pete and I needed them.

We returned to the campsite that evening and had tea, then went and saw how the others had done. Ross and Julie Kember had a few species, mostly smaller fish and much the same was reported by Ken Black and John Bennett who had traveled down together. Tony D'Alonzo was doing his usual and camping on the beach with Filomena, so we were going to have to wait until the weigh in to see what he was catching.

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Sunday morning saw us down at the river mouth with flick rods. Emily again out fished us all and caught two flathead. One was only just size and was returned, but the other was well over and went straight into her catch bag. With nothing else much biting we went back to the campsite for a late breakfast.

In the afternoon we went out to Point Anne with Ross and Julie in the hopes of some skippy, but the fishing from the rocks there was very slow and after about an hour we decided to try the beach.

First cast from the beach and Julie caught a lovely salmon of about three and a half kilos. Then it went quiet for a while. Ross and I walked down the beach about a hundred meters or so, where we had noticed a nice hole. First cast in I landed a reasonable skippy and about five minutes later Ross landed a salmon that was just a shade bigger than Julie's. We fished there until dark and then, dodging Kangaroos as we went, headed back to camp.

We had postponed the compulsory barbecue from lunchtime until just after dark. This proved a great success as nobody was in a hurry to rush off fishing again. We sat around the fire chatting until nearly midnight before heading for bed.

I woke up Monday morning with a headache. I don't know what could have caused it. But after several strong coffees and a couple of aspirin I was soon ready for the weigh in This being my first attempt as a stand in FDO I was keen to get everything right and with a lot of help the weigh in went smoothly.

Tony D'Alonzo had the biggest bag, mostly skippy from Point Charles, and Ross had biggest fish with his salmon from the beach at Point Anne. Everybody who fished weighed in, with the exception of Lara, who had donated her catch to a needy cause.

I'm pretty sure that a good time was had by all and would urge everyone to make it down that way if you can, the breathtaking scenery and some pretty good fishing should make it all worth while.

Andy Woodford. Field Day Officer.


Attendance: Seniors - 8, Juniors - 0, Mini Juniors - 2, Visitors - 0.

Perth Local: Seniors - 4, Juniors - 0, Mini Juniors - 2, Visitors - 0.

Total fish weight:- 34.6 kg - 117 fish - weighed in gilled and gutted.

Name Fish Weight Species Points
D'Alonzo, Tony 30 11.88 kg 6 228.8
Kember, Ross 11 5.15 kg 5 151.5
Bennett, John 30 5.75 kg 4 147.5
Black, Ken 1 2.75 kg 1 87.5
Holman, George 18 2.2 kg 1 72
Woodford, Andy 1 0.38 kg 1 53.8
Stoeckel, Peter 0 0 kg 0 40
Willison, Terry 0 0 kg 0 40
Aubrey, Andrew 0 0 kg 0 40
Kember, Julie 13 4.85 kg 4 138.5
D'Alonzo, Filomena 0 0 kg 0 40
Woodford, Lara 0 0 kg 0 40
Mini Juniors
Woodford, Emily 8 1.05 kg 2 70.5
Woodford, Molly 5 0.6 kg 1 56
Stoeckel, Andrew 0 0 kg 0 0
Stoeckel, Daniel 0 0 kg 0 0

It should be noted that many members are now choosing to fish for the sport and not the competition. These members are following the catch and release ethic, and although they choose not to weigh in, it doesn't mean they are not catching plenty of fish. New competition rules in 2001/2002 will allow them to catch and release and still get field day points.

Field Day Prizes.

Heaviest Scale Fish Ross Kember 2.9 kg Salmon
Heaviest Bag of Scale Fish Tony D'Alonzo 11.88 kg
Mini Junior Prize Emily Woodford 1.05 kg

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