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Fishing Field Day Report, Rottnest - June 2005

Although looking forward to the Rottnest Field Day with eagerness, I was also a little apprehensive about the conditions we would encounter. Predicted high tides of 1.22m in the mornings and predicted winds after Saturday of 20 knots and a swell to 2.5 metre.

Relief! The conditions could not have been better with light winds, low swell, warm and sunny periods. The tides were high as predicted in the mornings which caused some difficulties in fishing without being up to your armpits in water. In the afternoons the tide was low enough to fish the usual locations of Wilson's, the Tailor Hole and Radar Reef.

Saturday. Malcolm and Vix fished off a high rock at Cape Vlaming till they could fish off a low ledge later in the day. The bulk of the members and guests fished Wilson's and the tailor hole till about 16:00 when most people gravitated to Radar Reef. The anticipated Yellow Tailed Kingfish failed to turn up.

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Sunday. Sunday morning was a challenge for most people. Tony D'Alonzo perched himself on a rock at Wilson's whilst the others battled the swell standing on the reef flat or at times tucked around the corner for some shelter from the swell.

A member of the public turned up to fish the Tailor Hole about lunch time as he had seen the club members fishing the area and thought this looked promising. H

is attire was sneakers, shorts and t-shirt! His gear a short rod with an unweighted popper! His casting technique a round arm swing!

He was attempting to fish while the rest of our group sat on the rocks as we felt it was too rough to fish safely. Needless to say he gave it a miss very soon as he had to run back as every big set came across the reef. Ian, Spencer and Bretton fished the Tailor Hole when the tide started to drop. There were no fish caught at this location.

Again members moved to Radar Reef late in the afternoon. No fish of any size where caught. I hooked into a very large fish (Shark or Yellowtail) which ran me round for 5 minutes till it headed out to sea and cut me off on the reef. A number of large Buff Bream where landed at various spots over the weekend. Tony seems to enjoys catching quality Bluff Bream

Monday. Tony picked up some very good sized Western Rock Black Fish.

With the predicted inclement weather and high tides only about 6 members fished the Monday morning session. Some members took an early ferry home. The rest lazed round or slept in.

Unfortunately we had an attempted theft early Monday morning but the thieves were disturbed and ended up with only keeping some fish. The weekend was a success as there was not the usual pressure to fish with such desperation, as we had the equivalent to two full days fishing.

If we could utilise another LWE without the early high tides it would be a magnificent weekend. Food for thought and discussion for next year.

The catch of the weekend was the 1.060 kg King George Whiting that Ian Taggart caught on the Sunday at Wilson's. This was a magnificent fish. The club record is 1.134 kg caught by Vic Davis on 1/2/1960 at Rottnest Island.

We had five members catch Masters Fish on the Rottnest Field day

Tony Ong,Tarwhine, 0.700 kg

Tony Ong, Trevally, Skipjack, 0.825 kg

Peter Osborne, Tarwhine, 0.600 kg

Ian Taggart, Whiting, King George, 1.060 kg

Bretton Stitfold, Tarwhine, 0.900 kg

Tight Lines, Ian Cook

Species caught on this field day were:- herring, tailor, yellow tailed kingfish, western rock blackfish, King George whiting, skippy (silver trevally), breaksea cod, cod, wrasse, flathead, tarwhine.


Results for the June 2005 Field Day.

AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Tony D'Alonzo 16.24 kg630272.4
Peter Osborne 5.7 kg530157
Tony Ong 6.05 kg430150.5
Vix Alexander 3.925 kg318119.25
Ian Cook 3.575 kg49115.75
Dale Coates 5.15 kg225111.5
Malcolm Harris 2.35 kg317103.5
Grant Taggart 2.225 kg46102.25
Ian Taggart 2.86 kg3498.6
Paul Berry (visitor)2.75 kg31497.5
Bretton Stitfold 2.65 kg21596.5
Scott Maloney (visitor)2.1 kg2781
Steve Breabry (visitor)2 kg11870
George Holman 0.4 kg1264
Spencer King 0 kg0050

Sportsperson of the Year Sections for June 2005.

Best Scale FishVix AlexanderYellow tailed Kingfish 1.775 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'Alonzo Mixed Bag16.24 kg

Field Day Prizes for June 2005.

Best Scale FishVix AlexanderYellow tailed Kingfish 1.775 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'Alonzo Mixed Bag16.24 kg

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