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Dry Casting Report 13 March 2005

A crisp morning proceeded with the order placed by Terry Willison at the general meeting for a perfect casting day. Each and every person that even started to suggest or mention anything about wind was quickly silenced. A vague notion of breeze emanated from over the right shoulder as all and sundry prepared for the days casting.

In preparation for the upcoming Nationals in Yeppoon, George was relegated to the veteran's section so he could get in some practice. It must have been a bit of a problem, as he only managed to get one cast out of six for distance to score for him. He wasn't the only person with this problem however, as for whatever reason it was, most other casters didn't manage to score as well.

Our super, supervet, Jim Strong was the only person in that section to get two casts to stay together in the 56 gram event and took out the vets section for that event. Good onya Jimmy: As if not to be outdone, our other aging veteran, Trevor Stam, managed to outscore all the vets in the single handed accuracy event. Two SUPERVETS taking out two of the five sections for the day. Well there is hope for us all still....

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

The seniors section was graced by the return of Nic Allsworth, who proceeded to dominate all six (yes a grand total of only 6) casters in the seniors section. Nic won three of the five sections and took out the overall points for the day.

Vix got some competition this month with the return to the casting court of Filomena and Annella. Overall ladies winner on the day going to Filomena by a mere 2 points. Most rewarding to myself was to see my one and only lady winning the 112 gram event on her return. It just goes to show, two smaller casts both in court are better than just one big one. Well done Annella.

This report would not be complete without thanks being extended to TT1 For setting up the courts, and to all those who helped to pack them up. THANKS GUYS (AND GALS). Many hands sure do get things put away REEL quick.

April is the last competition for the casting calendar year. At the moment, competition is fierce for positions as caster of the year. The final days casting WILL in all probability decide the placings for the year. There are numerous 'what if' situations that will determine who drops a point, or picks up another point, to determine final placings. This is not just directed at our top casters, as those further down the list are currently determining who will get the points to win. It is currently a fascinating conundrum.

Looking forward to next time. TT2 - DCO


Level Line Distance results for the day:-

  112 gram 56 gram Artificial Bait
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Nic Allsworth 158172331241332613613727
Gary Gildersleeves 14014929133136271099921
Chas Riegert 0161161471533012613226
Mal Harris 146145291251202512011423
Peter Stoeckel 1381362701051110510821
Mark Hansen 113011118012000
Mal Head 1231312501091110610421
Tony D'Alonzo 1271282601291310510721
Alan Jones 1171272400010710521
Geof Raftis 1111122200010510021
Jim Strong 8793188989180737
George Holman 161016000000
Trevor Stam 098100000747
Filomena D'Alonzo 097109610120848417
Vix Alexander 08489588187107
Annella Riegert 76671475085606

Accuracy results and Totals for the day:-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy  
Seniors Distance 3 Distance 1 Distance 4 Distance 2 Total L S L S Total Day Total
Nic Allsworth 14181917151523211422106927255
Gary Gildersleeves 15252021171314191445231020241
Chas Riegert 2111217112114241305731025227
Mal Harris 21252116102042213903047223
Peter Stoeckel 00161000171760080311130
Mark Hansen 21918150961382286420125
Mal Head 141420178131817121009413191
Tony D'Alonzo 8321221052014103570214177
Alan Jones 14131202322177117170412174
Geof Raftis 010201224111224113074516172
Jim Strong 92313171641217111044614168
George Holman 112317176141510113512614143
Trevor Stam 132317240281097536418132
Filomena D'Alonzo 00151401125228714005139
Vix Alexander 1002210020131792255012137
Annella Riegert 01607013514550101285

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerScoreVeterans WinnerScore
112 gram DistanceNic Allsworth33Tony D'Alonzo26
56 gram DistanceChas Riegert30Jim Strong18
Artificial BaitNic Allsworth27Head/D'Alonzo/Jones/Raftis21
Double Handed Acc.Gary Gildersleeves144Mal Head121
Single Handed AccNic Allsworth27Trevor Stam18
Days High PointsNic Allsworth255 
Event:Ladies WinnerScoreJunior WinnerScore
112 gram DistanceAnnella Riegert14    
56 gram DistanceFilomena D'Alonzo20    
Artificial BaitFilomena D'Alonzo17    
Double Handed Acc.Vix Alexander92    
Single Handed AccVix Alexander12    

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