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Dry Casting Report, 7 March 2010.
Dry Casting  

A strong gusty wind blowing from the east and the temperature around 30 deg. 22 casters and 3 visitors signed on to enjoy the morning's cast. George and Terry took some other visitors aside and gave tips on casting, etc. Was great to see Mark and Wendy back.

Many thanks to all who set up the courts and to Marcia and Owen for putting out the flags, also to Gary Gildersleeves for collecting them at the end of the day.

That head wind really cut back the distances. The markers said they could see the weights slowing down in the air and just falling down instead of keeping going.

In the Seniors, Peter Pekaar cast a distance of 152 metres in the 112 gram distance. Jeff Hewton scored 2 bullseyes in double handed accuracy.

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Congratulations must go to George Holman in the Veterans for setting a club record in single handed accuracy with a score of 37, with 1 bullseye and 3 scores of 9. Well done. Also in the Veterans, Gary Gildersleeves had a cast of 136 metres in the 112 gram distance.

Ladies saw Marcia Pekaar cast a distance of 96 metres in 122 gram. Mini junior Sarah Wignell had a cast of 31 metres in the 112 gram.

Section winners for 7 March:- Seniors:- Mark Hansen 199, Ladies:- Marcia Pekaar 169, Vets:- Gary Gildersleeves 262, Mini Juniors:- Sarah Wignell 51

At the April Drycasting, Seniors will be casting distance first and then accuracy. Veterans will cast accuracy first and then distance. Ladies and Juniors will probably cast with the Seniors to even out the numbers in each group.

A single handed Open will be held after the usual events have been cast.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Vix Alexander for the mix up with the single handed accuracy record. When I announced that Marcia Pekaar had equaled the record, I was unaware that the previous recorder had not been keeping the records up to date. Mal Harris gave me a result sheet dated 31 August 2003 which shows Vix scoring 36 points, yet the current record sheet dated December 2008 has the Women's single handed accuracy record at 29 points.

Dry Casting Officer Allan Jones

Dry Casting report Seniors, Ladies, Mini-Juniors

This month, we would like to welcome back Mark and Wendy Hansen to dry casting. Mark has been through a rough time with health issues recently and as a result has missed several months of dry casting. Despite this break, he top scored in double handed accuracy with 118 points and went on to win the Seniors' event with 199 points. Well done, Mark.

Following closely behind Mark in double handed accuracy with 106 points was Jeff Hewton. Two bullseyes on his last two casts received a rousing cheer.

Peter Stoeckel went on to score 24 points in single handed accuracy, making him the winner in that event. Casting with braid for the first time helped Shane Wignell with his overall distances, in fact he won the 56 gram score. Consistent casting helped Marcia Pekaar win the Ladies' division.

This month, we also welcomed our newest Mini Junior, Sarah Wignell. Sarah, Owen and Kaitlin all shared the day's wins in the distance casting events. Sarah won both the double and single handed accuracy events, meaning she was the overall mini-junior winner for the day, with 51 points. This was a great effort for a first-timer.

I would like to thank everyone in our group for helping with scoring on the field, laser duties, and recording scores. Being a small group meant we all had to contribute to the overall success of the day.

Peter Pekaar


Level Line Distance results for the day (7 March 2010):-

  56 gram Artificial Bait 112 gram
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Mark Hansen828216848817908918
Peter Pekaar1280131251192414215229
Jeff Hewton011111011512013113
Peter Stoeckel80831699911910410721
Shane Wignell7789177777159209
Gary Gildersleeves1161222489991913313627
George Holman10110521090911411923
Malcolm Head871001977911712311924
Terry Fuller82851793791710710121
Allan Jones1101092298961911811824
John Crompton40297787816429113
Geoff Raftis837616928217010210
Trevor Stam82211044469506111
Jim Strong Did not cast
Pat McKeown4554105466120424
Ray Walker616312666713724412
Marcia Pekaar848717797415989219
Jennie Stoeckel696513574911666313
Wendy Hansen6907736614848917
Mini Juniors  
Sarah Wignell222851825431306
Owen Williams202852536640428
Kaitlin Stoeckel92841422430225

Accuracy results and Totals for the day (7 March 2010):-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Casting Attendance Total
Seniors Dist 3 Dist 1 Dist 4 Dist 2 Tot L S L S Tot Tot D C G M Points
Mark Hansen18161222152211211808572018910 199
Peter Pekaar18120210911118268452317110 181
Jeff Hewton021122021252510602781715910 169
Peter Stoeckel1410130161706158922414110 151
Shane Wignell0005001612000005310 63
Gary Gildersleeves182423202322231116432941825210 262
George Holman1619101314152211120999103721010 220
Malcolm Head8151423823101912096672820810 218
Terry Fuller12515191518151211196021718310 193
Allan Jones0189811120138006962116610 176
John Crompton0202323001011870050512810 138
Geoff Raftis100171904142084Did not cast12710 137
Trevor Stam2012210940117710851412110 131
Jim Strong2040170015965040487310 83
Pat McKeown005000014190907166110 71
Ray Walker00300001114000886110 69
Marcia Pekaar1701707212048687072215910 169
Jennie Stoeckel111215001001260000009710 107
Wendy Hansen109060061142020028210 92
Mini Juniors  
Sarah Wignell01000 102590164110 51
Owen Williams0000 0010782710 37
Kaitlin Stoeckel0000 0000001310 23

Winners of the Day (7 March 2010):-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans Winner
56 gram Score17Shane Wignell24Gary Gildersleeves
56 gram Distance128 mPeter Pekaar122 mGary Gildersleeves
Artificial Bait Score24Peter Pekaar19Gary Gildersleeves, Allan Jones
Artificial Bait Distance125 mPeter Pekaar99 mGary Gildersleeves
112 gram Score29Peter Pekaar27Gary Gildersleeves
112 gram Distance152 mPeter Pekaar136 mGary Gildersleeves
Double Handed Acc.118Mark Hansen164Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.24Peter Stoeckel37George Holman
Section Highest Points199Mark Hansen262Gary Gildersleeves

Event:Ladies WinnerMini Juniors Winner
56 gram Score17Marcia Pekaar5Sarah Wignell, Owen Williams
56 gram Distance87 mMarcia Pekaar28 mSarah Wignell, Owen Williams, Kaitlin Stoeckel
Artificial Bait Score15Marcia Pekaar6Owen Williams
Artificial Bait Distance79 mMarcia Pekaar36 mOwen Williams
112 gram Score19Marcia Pekaar8Owen Williams
112 gram Distance98 mMarcia Pekaar42 mOwen Williams
Double Handed Acc.86Marcia Pekaar10Sarah Wignell
Single Handed Acc.22Marcia Pekaar16Sarah Wignell
Section Highest Points169Marcia Pekaar51Sarah Wignell

EventOverall Winner March 2010Year's Best up to March
56 gram Score24Gary Gildersleeves30Ian Cook, Malcolm Harris
56 gram Distance128 mPeter Pekaar155 mIan Cook
Artificial Bait Score24Peter Pekaar30Malcolm Harris, Peter Pekaar
Artificial Bait Distance125 mPeter Pekaar150 mPeter Pekaar
112 gram Score29Peter Pekaar35Peter Pekaar
112 gram Distance152 mPeter Pekaar179 mMalcolm Harris
Double Handed Acc.164Gary Gildersleeves171Gary Gildersleeves
Single Handed Acc.37George Holman37George Holman
Section Highest Points262Gary Gildersleeves293Gary Gildersleeves

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This page was prepared on 28 March 2010.

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