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Dry Casting Report May 2004

Well, here we are at the start of a new competition year and the first point of business is a public inquiry.

Who is responsible for upsetting the 'wind gods' yet again ?

Not only did they just upset them, they must have p*#$@#* d then off real good. The wind blew, no it didn't blow, it HOWLED into our faces at a huge rate of knots.

Oh to have that wind from behind us. How many new state or national records could we set.

The introduction of an extra couple of casts to the new competition season must have been a very attractive feature as twenty eight (28) people turned up to start the year off. Maybe it was starting that half an hour later that also contributed.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Anyway, twelve seniors, nine veterans, four ladies and two juniors thought it was a good day for competition and another member thought it was such a great day, he came along to just help out. The help was very much appreciated thanks Dean.

The 'old timers' (that includes you George) had first go at the distance and the most competition was from the wind. The longest cast in 112 gram going to Hendo with a distance of 132 metres, marginally down on his average. Tony D'Alonzo just pipped Bob in the 56 gram by a solitary metre at 108 metres. In the extra section of Art Bait, Hendo was seven metres better than the rest and the only one to reach 100 metres (exactly).

Meanwhile the seniors were trying their best at accuracy and getting a little entertainment from newcomer Ric Hirayama trying to compete with the wind and distance with a light plug rod. Shorter distances were good, longer distances had buckleys. In amongst this Gilders kept up his average and pumped out a respectable 147 points in very adverse conditions.

With the competitions reversed, Joe commenced to put the wind back in its place a bit with two excellent casts in 112 gram in excess of 150 metres, the longer being 158 metres. Not to be outdone, the wind then promptly took control and knocked his 56 gram distances back to his best of 113 metres. Hey Joe, you gotta learn to drop that elevation down when chucking into the wind.

Personally, I tried a new rod for the 112 and just couldn't get it to load up, however, went back to my standard 56 gram beast, put an extra long drop out, and proceeded to throw my 2 ounces as far as my 4 ounces. Managed to reach 135 metres into the wind, some 19 metres longer than the next best. The message here gentlemen simply is: Strong headwinds=punch it low=longer distances!! Try it sometime.

June dry casting will include 112 gram open.

With the end of the designated office-bearing year just around the corner, it is time to consider who will be next year's dry casting officer. Who will be responsible for setting up the courts each month?

Due to matters of a personal nature, I will not be actively participating in Club activities (apart from dry casting and a field day or two if possible) for the balance of the year. I wish the incoming incumbent the best of luck.

Chas Riegert DCO


Level Line Distance results for the day:-

  112 gram 56 gram Artificial Bait
Seniors Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points Cast 1 Metres Cast 2 Metres Total Points
Joe Pullella 152158311081132211311723
Andrew Aubrey 12313025106105219111421
Gary Gildersleeves 12212725100107210899
Nic Allsworth 141137281041152210610121
Terry Willison 118115231151002210011021
George Holman 135137271141162311411123
Mal Harris 128131261171132310711122
Chas Riegert 136139281351342711811724
Ric Parker 101109219910020000
Peter Stoeckel 07785771138108
Mark Hanson 10010020838016838016
Ric Hirayama 07077075150707
 Practise casts - non standard equipment used
Tony D'Alonzo 1181182410810722939118
Bob Henderson 13212025107105211009720
Mal Head 1101112209510898417
Allan Jones 118115239010119908718
Roy Killick 12510523999920839017
Terry Fuller 848517838817676313
Jim Strong 7878160727757315
Ian Cook 10110621875014778116
Tom Lund 54501000040519
Filomena D'Alonzo 838317818016667414
Annella Riegert 687214586512495110
Vix Alexander 7808686213605612
Wendy Hanson 3567104646939357
Rhys Jones 1241102399101200889
Andrew Stoeckel 04654340849459

Accuracy results and Totals for the day:-

  Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy  
Seniors Distance 3 Distance 1 Distance 4 Distance 2 Total L S L S Total Day Total
Joe Pullella 2232321221221151391108726241
Andrew Aubrey 1719101723241915144081615226
Gary Gildersleeves 1523232222112110147572014216
Nic Allsworth 1823228072019117066820208
Terry Willison 113242414101721124246214204
George Holman 17112318001716102675826201
Mal Harris 0221315017201299082717187
Chas Riegert 022122010516590047617186
Ric Parker 01715189082087053614142
Peter Stoeckel 01622018041171525113113
Mark Hanson 10200160000460010199
Ric Hirayama 002040018155705421197
Tony D'Alonzo 1710241716141423135767323222
Bob Henderson 231116228102118129486523218
Mal Head 191720161802414128916622199
Allan Jones 021423202216299477826185
Roy Killick 19162014010208107055414181
Terry Fuller 051231101520661086832145
Jim Strong 1841442018248440408130
Ian Cook 8110110010105000011102
Tom Lund 0000111418340105659
George Holman 142016148172123133Casting with veterans for practise only
Filomena D'Alonzo 141020197100189800101146
Annella Riegert 240702422107802002116
Vix Alexander 9711220014127500022110
Wendy Hanson 0000000000000026
Rhys Jones 0201113140131788066214154
Andrew Stoeckel 00080097240000046

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerScoreVeterans WinnerScore
112 gram DistanceJoe Pullella31Bob Henderson25
56 gram distanceChas Riegert27Bob Henderson21
Artificial Bait distanceChas Riegert24Bob Henderson20
Double Handed Acc.Gary Gildersleeves147Tony D'Alonzo135
Single Handed Acc.Pullella/Holman26Terry Fuller32
Event:Ladies WinnerScoreJunior WinnerScore
112 gram DistanceFilomena D'Alonzo17Rhys Jones23
56 gram distanceFilomena D'Alonzo16Rhys Jones20
Artificial Bait distanceFilomena D'Alonzo14Rhys Jones9
Double Handed Acc.Filomena D'Alonzo98Rhys Jones88
Single Handed Acc.Alexander/Riegert2Rhys Jones14
Day's High PointsJoe Pullella241 

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