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Dry Casting Report November 2002

What a great start to a day. A slight headwind, a soft dew and the sun coming up into a beautiful blue sky.

Getting assistance by one ugly so-and-so who carted out all of the gear and scared off all of the exercising dogs, we had the area set up and sat down to enjoy the coffee as the casters arrived.

There were quite a few snap offs and out of bounds by all groups during the distance casting but brute strength by Chas and absolutely class by Roy gave them the honours for the 112 gram and 56 gram events. I also speak for others when I comment on the big improvement young Ben Lilburne and "Aubs" are making, for they are creeping closer to the top lads.

Once again "Roy the boy" produced excellence to outclass all in the double handed event, although the bulls eyes by Chas and Aubs had them strutting their stuff. "Teletubby 2" and "Shorty" won the single handed event but the clangers by Rick and Trevor put a smile on their dial. Trevor's leap into the air had his boots just leave the grass.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

The overall winner of the day goes to "Roy the boy" on top of his win in the State titles and goes to show that really "old" people can still do a few things properly, given plenty of time. Roy's regular practice along with his polished style will surely give him even more rewards in the future. Well done "kiddo".

Congratulations to Chas for pipping George and winning the single handed event. Chas' competitiveness will also lead into success but it's his willingness to assist others that really make him stand out. I have added his name to my list of fellow club members that are truly "club men".

The State dry casting event has been and gone and I congratulate all fellow club members on their efforts both in the teams events and individual performances. Success came our way in many areas but it was the comradery and assistance by many that made a great day. "Well done" to all.

This decrepit body of mine has been letting me down lately and I haven't been producing the usual high standards (any disagreeing comments?) so I'd like to say thank you to my mates for their cooperation and assistance and slight concern.

P.S. it only takes a tiny bit of your time to assist others, just take a gander at George's and both Terry's and Trevor's efforts every casting day. Have a go, you may enjoy yourself.

Keep it straight and long. Hendo.


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [56 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 56g Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Chas Riegert16015431-1201212426193
Nick Allsworth13214628-1131112619184
George Holman15114129--012321173
Ken Black981012094871811421173
Ric Parker-11712-1041011618156
Andrew Aubrey128135268688177710130
Terry Willison--099-109421125
Peter Stoeckel935415-808843110
Colin Lilburne--0109791969088
John Feighan (Visitor)80861777821635674
John Romano--0--0522072
Roy Killick129123251231062315417219
Bob Henderson-12513113-1112624174
Trevor Stam9082178381169025148
Jim Strong9895198981178019135
Geoff Raftis7377156068138113122
Terry Fuller75-885-97422113
Allan Jones10210721--0271462
Peter Mahony--0-65750158
Joy Brann6460126665135921105
Maureen Lissiman50471055541141971
Ben Lilburne12213426117-125711106
Rhys Jones9781186584154326102
Mini Juniors
Andrew Stoeckel--050379701190

Winners of the Day:-

Competition Winner Score
112 gram Chas Riegert31
56 gram Roy Killick23
Double Handed Accuracy Roy Killick154
Single Handed Accuracy Chas Riegert/Rhys Jones26
of the DayRoy Killick219
Single Handed Open Chas Riegert78 metres
Ladies Joy Brann105
Junior Ben Lilburne106
Mini Junior Andrew Stoeckel90

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This page last updated 29 December 2002.

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