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Dry Casting Report November 2003

The day once again dawned clear and beautiful, but that omnipresent easterly wind was still the bane of SCAC casters.

I arrived at the Yokine Reserve a little before 7:00 am to be just about blown out of the car park with a gust of wind as I alighted from my vehicle. Mind you, a bloke my size takes some shifting with just a puff of wind.

Just a week after the State Titles, only 18 people turned out to keep the day a happy and social occasion. I must welcome Mark Hansen and his good partner Wendy to casting. It is good to see some new faces especially of the feminine kind. Vix is not feeling so lonely anymore and is relishing the company and competition.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Eight seniors, six veterans and four ladies set about the days competition with the seniors hitting off on accuracy first. The roll of the die bringing up course 3 for seniors and course 4 for the vets. Most seniors found getting out to 82 metres at the fourth distance a little difficult when the wind decided to hamper them just a bit more as they prepared to cast.

Congratulations must go to Roy the boy for his magnificent effort of 154 points in the veterans section, then to back it up with another 27 points in the single handed. By the time that the seniors got around to casting their distances, the wind was still blowing hard. I put my first 112 gram cast up in the air only to see it drift south in the wind and land so far out of court the markers needed a cut lunch and waterbag just to go looking for it. Mind you, I was not alone with the problem. George managed to get BOTH his 56 gram casts to follow suit and land out of court as well.

However, we all had fun. At the conclusion of the normal program, we had a single handed open event. Only seven peole were game enough in the conditions to try with only one hand to get a cast down range into that wind.

Yours truly watched Mark try and use a cumbersome outfit that he managed a fair 57 metres. On his second cast I got him to use a slightly lighter outfit and he immediately put it in with the regulars at 74.5 metres. A huge improvement. Everyone had a giggle or two and a couple of casts each with the longest single handed cast of the day reaching 87.2 metres.

As Bob had to 'go to work' and he was our set up man, we managed to get through the day and be packed up just before midday.

As we were all leaving, the wind started to die down to a gentle but satisfying breeze. In these circumstances, a little food for thought. I know it has been traditional that we cast at 8:30 on the first Sunday of each month, however, for the period say from November through to say March, would you consider starting the casting in the afternoon. Maybe a 2:00 pm start might be able to avoid the easterly winds and might even pick up a sea breeze.

Just a thoughty. Until next time, (Tele Tubby 2) - DCO


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [56 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 56g Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
Chas Riegert0156161321272610822172
George Holman1351442800012021169
Malcolm Harris12813526107121238317149
Nick Allsworth13313827114011908136
Rick Parker000105992010010130
Andrew Aubrey11812825011512882127
Mark Hansen8910519850963091
John Romano941012080751634777
Roy Killick113110221021102115427224
Bob Henderson121129251171212414715211
Tony D'Alonzo112115231001052111123178
Jim Strong65831576089818139
Terry Fuller5305081810422139
Trevor Stam074748058212106
Vix Alexander87841707378110115
Filomena D'Alonzo00000089089
Annella Riegert646012586713211056
Wendy Hansen55060303009

Single Handed Open event:-

Name Cast 1 metresCast 2 metres
Nick Allsworth68.670.4
Chas Riegert85.987.2
Malcolm Harris67.572.1
John Romano6164.1
George. Holman76.274.5
Mark. Hansen5774.1
Vix Alexander033

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans WinnerLadies Winner
112 gram distanceGeorge Holman28Bob Henderson25Vix Alexander17
56 gram distanceChas Riegert26Bob Henderson24Annella Riegert13
Double Handed Acc.George Holman120Roy Killick154Filomena D'Alonzo89
Single Handed Acc.Chas Riegert22Roy Killick27Vix & Annella10
Single Handed OpenChas Riegert87.2
Days High PointsRoy Killick224

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