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Fishing Field Day Report, Cervantes - Sandy Cape - November 2005

Cervantes, breezy one day, windy the next, but that is what you expect along that stretch of coast at this time of year. The upside of that is that tailor don't mind a bit of wind. Weed can be a problem at times for Cervantes but this time it was no concern with just small amounts passing through on the drift.

Fifteen members of our club, along with Mal and Di Simpson who are just waiting for their membership to come through, fished the weekend. Conditions were calm on the Saturday morning but by lines down the sea breeze had started to puff in at a steady pace and increased throughout the afternoon. With the exception of just a couple of sheltered spots, fishing this stretch when the wind is blowing means that you and your gear are going to get a little sand blasted. This can be a bit uncomfortable but for some strange reason it doesn't seem to matter much when the fish are biting.

The general view to catching tailor is that as they are a low light ambush feeder, first and last light is prime fishing time. Cervantes is one of those places that goes against this trend, you are just as likely to catch tailor in the early afternoon right through into the evening. Although the boundaries extend to Sandy Cape, most of our crew fished the Cervantes to Hill River section throughout the weekend.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Good catches of tailor were weighed in on the Sunday morning, eight people reached their bag limit, which hasn't happened for some time. Herring were there but not in huge numbers, most people caught at least a couple. Amongst the other species weighed in was a good bag of plump skippy by Tony. A couple of nice flathead to Dave and one each to George and Morris made up part of their catches.

Morris accounted for a fish that I had not seen weighed in over last few years, a good pan sized flounder. Speaking of out of the ordinary, how about a small salmon for this time of year, Tony did the honors this time. Other species included tarwhine, snook and a small mulloway landed by Vix.

Fishing at night is always interesting as you never know just what you may come in contact with. Rays are some of the fish that are snooping along the beach looking for an easy meal, a few of us had our arms stretched by these critters. Sharks also put in an appearance during the evening and some of us were well and truly done in by these toothy critters. Peter did well to land one out of the three he encountered, this one around 5kgs.

Cervantes is usually a good trip, only a few hours north, a good fishing beach with easy access (now 2wheel drive to one location) and good accommodation options available close by. The club is heading back here in February next year so make sure you put it in your diary for what is usually a good weekend away.

The next club field day is a local on the 10/11 of December which has extended boundaries from Golden Bay to Seabird with the weigh in at George Holman's place on the Sunday afternoon.

However if you can't wait that long how about giving Peter Stoeckel a call and be part of a club team for the AAA State Estuary Championships in Mandurah on the 26/27 November.

Hope to see you on the beach next time. Malcolm Harris, Field Day Officer

Recorder's Report

Peter Stoeckel kindly offered for me to accompany him and Andrew to Cervantes. We camped with Mark, Wendy and Greg at Black Rock. We all fished hard in very strong southerly wind conditions. The tailor or other edible species unfortunately failed to turn up. Our eyes where opened where we attended the weigh in. Very good bags of mixed fish where weighed in. Some good sized trevally and tailor passed over the club scales. There is a number of fish that have qualified for inclusion in the Masters section.

The following anglers captured fish eligible for inclusion as Masters Fish

David Maxted, Skipjack Trevally, 0.8 kg
David Maxted, Flathead, 0.65 kg
Malcolm Harris, Tailor, 1.15 kg
Tony D'Alonzo, Tailor, 1.15 kg
Peter Osborne, Tailor, 1.15 kg

Morris and Craig's Cervantes Trip.

The much anticipated trip to Cervantes finally arrived and Craig Wantenaar and I made an early start on Saturday 12th on a nice sunny morning, knowing it was going to be a great fishing weekend ahead.

Cervantes has always been a good trip for me because other than Bluff Creek there is more togetherness and interaction with other club members which I so enjoy.

The whole time we were at Cervantes it was very windy and I kept telling my god son Craig, who is soon to become a club member, and whose vehicle we were in, that it would continue to blow all afternoon, but by evening, the wind would drop off, but regretfully this time it was not the case.

The afternoon fishing produced a few herring and a flounder and also a couple of flathead. Nothing to write home about but as the sun started setting, the tailor came on and we were having a ball. The tailor were a good size and when I caught my eight, I turned my attention to two future members, Mal and Diane. I showed them how to put on rigs and how to cast out a little bit further and Mal also started catching tailor.

In the morning I caught two more tailor and I thought the tailor would run again, but it was too windy and there were too much weed. We camped on the beach, and Craig let down his tyres on the beach, but one of the valves must have inadvertently been left slightly opened unbeknown to us, and the tyre had gone right down. So when we pulled out of the beach onto the road, we noticed that the tyre was completely flat and the valve had pulled back. We managed to pull the valve forward a bit and pump it up. We almost got back to Cervantes, but two kilometres away the tyre went flat again, and this time we couldn't pull the valve forward.

We then decided to put the spare wheel on, and to our horror realized that we had no wheel spanner in the boot. Luckily just at that moment Tony came past and we waved him down and he loaned us a wheel spanner to change the tyre and we were off again.

All in all, it was an excellent field day, lots of fish caught as will be seen by the results posted.

Craig and I were one of the first to leave, but regrettably as we turned off the Brand Highway short cut to the Wanneroo road, we had a second flat tyre. We were in a bit of a dilemma, as we once again had no wheel spanner, and no spare tyre by now, so I suggested to Craig that he takes the flat wheel to Reagan's garage that we just passed five kilometres back while I wait by the vehicle. First to come along was Peter, his son, and Cookie who immediately pulled over and offered assistance and advice.

In the meantime, Craig had reached the garage and had run into Mark, Wendy and Greg who kindly offered him a lift to his vehicle and with all of us back together again, we managed to get Craig's vehicle going in no time at all.

They stayed behind us all the way to Perth which we greatly appreciated, and it made us realize what this comradeship is all about. Thanks to all of you who gave up your time and knowledge to help us in our hour of need. Morris Kolman

Species caught on this Field Day were:- herring, tailor, salmon, flounder, skipjack trevally, flathead, tarwhine, snook, shark, mulloway.


Results for the November 2005 Field Day.

AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Tony D'Alonzo 11.3 kg630223
Peter Osborne 11.575 kg421205.75
David Maxted 5.5 kg414145
Morris Kolman 5.5 kg414145
George Holman 5.35 kg313133.5
Malcolm Harris 6.55 kg216125.5
Sharon Osborne 4.85 kg317118.5
Vix Alexander 3.4 kg36104
Mark Hansen 1.55 kg1375.5
Peter Stoeckel 1 kg1270
Geoff Raftis 0.85 kg2268.5
Ian Cook 0.65 kg1266.5
Brook Osborne 0.75 kg1557.5
Sam Osborne 0.2 kg1152
Andrew Stoeckel 00040
Heather Osborne 00040
Wendy Hansen 00040

Sportsperson of the Year Sections for November 2005.

Best Scale FishVix Alexander Mulloway1.7 kg
Best Bag of Scale fishTony D'AlonzoMixed Bag11.3 kg
Best SharkPeter OsborneShark5.025 kg
Best Bag Including Sharks Peter OsborneMixed Bag 11.575 kg

Field Day Prizes for November 2005.

Best Scale FishVix Alexander Mulloway1.7 kg
Best Bag of Scale fish Tony D'AlonzoMixed Bag 11.3 kg
Best SharkPeter OsborneShark5.025 kg

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