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October 2000 Fishing Field Day:- Port Gregory to Wagoe

The Port Gregory Field Day, held over the last long weekend saw nine members fishing in uncomfortable conditions.

Tony and Filomena D'Alonzo camped out on the beach at Wagoe, where the stiff sea breeze must have made things uncomfortable. The couple of times that Cookie and I passed them though Tony's two rods were fishing away like good 'uns.

Bob Henderson, Morris Kolman and Roy Killick traveled up in Bob's trusty Range Rover, which I believe is up for sale. They concentrated their efforts at the Hutt River mouth, but with a big swell and quite a bit of weed around the results were poor, with only Roy the boy pulling in fish. A couple of nice dart.

Pete Stoeckel traveled up with Lou Tangaris and Keith Derbyshire, both on their first field day with the club. The two new guys both showing Pete how it was done. Lou weighing in a bag of whiting and Keith weighing in his first ever tailor. Keith also had a tussle with a decent eagle ray, which although not an eligible species, was still a bit of fun.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Cookie and I travelled up together on the Friday night and set out early on the Saturday morning to inspect the scene at Wagoe before the weigh in. We took the tarmac up and then returned along the beach. Despite a big swell we saw a couple of guys at the north end of the reef pulling in some respectable tailor. As we traveled further south though the story was not so good. Plenty of people fishing, but not a lot being caught. The areas where the waves weren't breaking hard over the reef were quite stirred up, with the only clean water being where the reef went into deep water. The trouble with this is that this was where the waves were at their biggest.

We left the beach in plenty of time to attend the sign on, but due to an unplanned stop, we only just made it in time for the sign on.

Thumbnail Click on the picture to see why.

As the sea breeze was blowing quite hard in the afternoon every body except Tony D'Alonzo headed for the beach at Gregory in preference to Wagoe. Nothing had been caught by nightfall, so we headed back to the campsite for a feed and an early night.

Ross and Julie Kember and Wayne and Rhonda Morris stopped off on the Saturday night on their way back from a week at Steep Point.

Sunday morning saw me dragging Cookie out of bed to drive us up to Wagoe's north end in hunt of a tailor or two. We got to the reef and managed to find some clean water where the reef was fishable and started to pull in a few tailor. As the morning progressed the sea breeze increased and the waves got bigger. Cookie and were both sent sprawling and both ended up with torn waders. On the other hand we also ended up with eight good tailor each, which made it all worthwhile.

Lunchtime saw us back at Gregory drying out and having a rest during the afternoon. We hit the beach at Gregory on the Sunday evening but could only catch undersized mulloway, which were there in pest proportions. A good sign for the future no doubt.

Nobody fished on the Monday morning, preferring instead to have a bit of a lay in and then get packed for the drive home.

Tony D'Alonzo as usual showed us all up at the weigh in, but even he could only manage twenty-eight fish. These included three small mulloway, giving Tony both the largest mulloway and the largest bag of mulloway so far this year.

My eight tailor just beat Cookie's to the biggest bag of tailor so far for the year due to one good tailor of 1.6 kg gilled and gutted. A new personal best.

All in all it proved to be a most enjoyable field day, despite the wind. The caravan park at Gregory was comfortable and considering that it was their busiest weekend of the year, the facilities were good.

I would like to thank all those who attended for a top weekend and special thanks to Cookie and Hunter for puffing up with me and my new pup Woody.

Andy Woodford. Field Day Officer.


Attendance: Seniors - 12, Juniors - 0, Mini Juniors - 0, Visitors - 0.

Total fish weight:- 30.3 kg - weighed in gilled and gutted.

Name Weight Species Points
D'Alonzo, Tony 14.9 kg 5 249
Woodford, Andy 7.7 kg 2 147
Cook, Ian 6.85 kg 1 129
Derbyshire, Keith 0.5 kg 1 65
Tangaris, Lou 0.35 kg 1 64
Stoeckel, Peter 0 kg 0 50
D'Alonzo, Filomena 0 kg 0 40
Holman, George 0 kg 0 20
Sneddon, Mat 0 kg 0 20
Taggart, Ian 0 kg 0 20
Henderson, Bob 0 kg 0 0
Kolman, Morris 0 kg 0 0
Killick, Roy 0 kg 0 0

It should be noted that many members are now choosing to fish for the sport and not the competition. These members are following the catch and release ethic, and although they choose not to weigh in, it doesn't mean they are not catching plenty of fish. New competition rules in 2001/2002 will allow them to catch and release and still get field day points.

Field Day Prizes.

Heaviest Scale Fish Tony D'Alonzo 2.15 kg Mulloway
Heaviest Bag of Scale Fish Tony D'Alonzo 14.9 kg mixed.

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