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Dry Casting Report October 2002

"Oh, bugger, bugger, bugger" is all I heard from Willo when I arrived at the oval. With the wind bellowing across the oval in a southerly direction, it looked like a lousy day was ahead of us. Stinging rain squalls added to the dismal start.

With the turnout of 25 casters anticipating good tail winds the weather cleared just a dash to give an enjoyable morning. Due to the conditions, I still congratulate the lads for bullseyes in the single handed (Mal Harris, Jim and Roy) and double handed (Joe, Rhys and yours truly). Why even Rhys flashed a great big smile along with a punch skyward.

Without a true blue tail wind, Chas won the 112 gram with 177 metres and the artificial bait. Roy pinched the single handed from me, so I rubbed it into him and trounced him for the double handed accuracy. Such was the pressure I fluffed up a distance cast to allow him the joy of sharing the top honours for the day.

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Young Ben Lilburne continues to improve and won his section. Andrew Stoeckel had no competition in the mini juniors, while the Ladies section went to Filomena D'Alonzo.

When it came to the 112 gram open event, the wind dropped a bit, but swung around to give us nearly a tail wind. Chas then proceeded to break the club record and state record with a cast of 195 metres for the seniors. Roy Killick reset the veterans record to 151.7 metres (club only) resetting the record by just 0.7 metres. Goes to show what a bit of wind can do for him.

Filomena set the artificial bait club record to 117 metres, personal bests were achieved by AJ, from 129 metres to 142 metres, Trevor 94 metres to 109 metres, Ben 99 metres to 128 metres, Vix 90 metres to 108 metres and Willo who kept a cast in.

Not only all that, but also Vix reset the ladies club single handed record to 27 points. All in all, a great morning to see so many fellow casters achieved so many good personal results. To the lads who stayed on and assisted bringing in the gear I forward a sincere thank you. Best of luck for the State titles.

PS. Accolades to all who turned up enjoying their fellow clubmates even though the weather was lousy.

Keep it straight and long. Hendo.


Results for the day:-

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [Artificial Cast 1 Metres bait] Cast 2 Metres Art/Bait Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
George Holman168164331311342713622218
Gary Gildeersleves144143291311302613227214
Chas Riegert17017735138142289522180
Ric Parker1461242701131110717162
Terry Willison014915122119248026145
Nick Allsworth1620160001147137
Andrew Aubrey00095115218223126
Malcolm Harris12111323123103234920115
Ian Pereira00011211823830106
Peter Stoeckel990109801071899
John Romano00000035035
Joe Pullella (Visitor)17816234144137287311146
Roy Killick139137281161142314134226
Bob Henderson1500151121232415631226
Tony D'Alonzo129128261111032112522194
Mal Head01261106992113127192
Trevor Stam1091042183781611122170
Allan Jones12414227110120238218150
Jim Strong991042089098416129
Filomena D'Alonzo11711123991002010822173
Vix Alexander090976088519121
Joy Brann706113710760181
Maureen Lissiman6707616413241458
Ben Lilburne011512951022010522159
Rhys Jones10297209289188210130
Mini Juniors
Andrew Stoeckel6370136357127318116

Winners of the Day:-

Competition Winner Score
112 gram winnerChas Riegert35
Artificial Bait winnerChas Riegert28
Double Handed Accuracy winnerBob Henderson156
Single Handed Accuracy winnerRoy Killick34
Winner of the DayBob Henderson / Roy Killick226
112 gram Open winnerChas Riegert195.1m
Ladies winnerFilomena D'Alonzo173
Junior winnerBen Lilburne159
Mini Junior winnerAndrew Stoeckel116

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