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Dry Casting Report October 2003

The 5th October 2003 is one that I will long remember. I actually got a lady to attend and compete with us. For the first time in her life my wife has picked up a fishing rod and started casting with me.

As a raw beginner I must say she impressed even me, as well as a few others. Lets hope by the time 2005 comes around and we organise a team to go to Yeppoon in Queensland for the Nationals again, we can send a damn good ladies team to kick some butt. Now all I have to do is get her to actually come fishing, teach her how to bait a hook.

I must thank those veterans who helped her through, especially Hendo and Mal Head, and the companionship, tips and encouragement from Vix. Oh, and Roy for pointing out the difference between feet positions for darts as against casting.

She'll be back... Just got to remember all the tips and pointers, then put them all together.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Once again we had impeccable weather with the omnipresent easterly winds. Albeit at the start these winds were only a woofteenth of what they were last month. Some reasonable distances were put up by Joe and the seniors in the 112 gram.

Then came the Artificial Bait. On my first cast I must have got the only decent puff of wind about as it dropped me right down. My second cast exceeding it by a good 12 metres. Then again, upon perusing the results I think some others also experienced the same problem. Timing with the fluctuating wind strengths became either a boon or a bane.

Once again I utilised radios for the scoring of the distance events and consequently twenty one casters completed the day by 11:00 am. As Nick was heard to say; "Well now I can go home and mow the lawn for my wife." What a SNAG (SNAG=Sensitive New Age Guy)

I have received a constructive comment in the use of the radios. In using them I have not put out the Red/Green Cast/No cast flags. Apparently in the veterans section this has caused some consternation regarding the safety factor for the scorers. I would have hoped that communication from the field with the scribe at the casting point would have been sufficient to alleviate that problem. I will endeavour to ensure that the flags will be available for future events.

For those not already 'in the know', I have obtained a 'rubber dice' marked with the numbers for the distance layouts. As Jimmy Strong will tell you, he had the privilege of using it first for the selection of the Veterans distances this month. Anyone wishing to have 'a roll of the dice' need only attend prior to 7:00 am on the day of casting and they will be made most welcome.

All help in setting up and dismantling the courts is greatly appreciated by Bob and Terry.

It was good to see a number of new faces turn up to watch and get some coaching from both George and Joe at the completion of competition.

Until next time, TT2 (Tele Tubby 2) - DCO


Results for the day:-

OB=out of bounds, NC=no cast, SO=snap off.

Seniors [112 Cast 1 Metres gram] Cast 2 Metres 112g Total Points [Art Cast 1 Metres bait] Cast 2 Metres A/B Total Points Double Handed Accuracy Single Handed Accuracy Day Total Points
George Holman156154311181202414626227
Gary Gildersleeve143145291181122314221215
Nic Allsworth158163321371222613112201
Joe Pullella170177351431292712313198
Chas Riegert16017133118130251068172
Andrew Aubrey12312625119122249619164
Ric Parker13713627107107219026164
Malcolm Harris14414629114114238714153
Terry Willison147OB15114OB119118135
Mal Head12612825104992015419218
Allan Jones119127251111032113323202
Roy Killick12211924971032013423201
Tony D'Alonzo1101192310995201349186
Terry Fuller106OB1187911811115155
Bob Henderson136OB14107113228722145
Jim Strong839318OB70710013138
Trevor StamOB1011083BO8866110
Filomena D'Alonzo10193198180169210137
Vix Alexander10199208387175214103
Annella RiegertOBOB04518652058

Winners of the Day:-

Event:Seniors WinnerVeterans WinnerLadies WinnerJuniors Winner
112 gram distanceJoe Pullella35Mal Head25Vix Alexander20Rhys Jones25
Artificial BaitJoe Pullella27Bob Henderson22Vix Alexander17Rhys Jones19
Double Handed Acc.George Holman146Mal Head154Filomena D'Alonzo92Rhys Jones104
Single Handed Acc.George & Ric26Allan & Roy23Vix Alexander14Rhys Jones23
Days High PointsGeorge Holman227

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