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Greenough Fishing Field Day - September 2002.

The S Bend trip had been eagerly awaited some time. Although I had spent a number of years living in Geraldton during my youth, fishing at that time was not a high priority. This was an excellent opportunity to re-visit some known spots and explore a myriad of new ones.

Saturday morning saw 19 members and 2 visitors sign in at the Greenough River Caravan Park. Discussion centred around the pros and cons of different locations while we waited for a couple of late comers. They duly arrived looking rather harried from their frantic dash from Perth that morning.

All were keen to get going and quickly dispersed to their choosen spots. With such a great distance between boundaries that was the last we saw of some of them until the weigh in. Some of us went fishing while others were lured away by the AFL grand final.

The Club owns an air conditioned holiday house at Kalbarri which is available for rent to the public and club members at competitive rates

Maureen, Joy and visitor Jan Hall were based in Geraldton so elected to fish that area. Chas and Peter Stoeckel's group fished the Dongara area where they were based. The others in the know fished what proved to be the most productive area around S Bend.

The weather was kind to us with easterly winds in the morning and a moderate sea breeze in the afternoon (moderate by Geraldton standards that is).

Vix and I fished nine mile Saturday afternoon and were rewarded with a nice bag of tailor. New members Colin and Ben Lilburne joined us on the Sunday afternoon with Ben landing 5 good size tailor.

A helping hand in rig making by George to new member John Romano resulted in John landing 5 tailor in quick succession, there is nothing like experience to make a task seem easy.

The weigh in was held in Dongara on the Monday morning with only eleven people attending. Tailor was the predominant species, the heaviest was a 2 kilo fish by another new member Paul Thompson. The more experienced members however had a good range of species in their bags. Tony brought in 4 Mulloway, a shark and some good tailor. George also landed 2 Mulloway and presented the heaviest bag of tailor.

All in all a great trip, good weather and a wide variety of fishy spots to choose from.

Due to the separation of the group over a wide area, the traditional long weekend BBQ was not held this time. Maybe we should think about reducing the boundaries in the future to keep the group within easy driving distance of each other.

Hope to see you all on the next field day. Malcolm Harris. Field Day Officer.


AnglerWeightSpeciesFishTotal Points
Tony D'Alonzo, 23.95 kg616349.5
George Holman12.35 kg415213.5
Malcolm Harris6.55 kg29135.5
Ben Lilburne3.7 kg1597
Paul Thompson3.5 kg1285
Vix Alexander2.2 kg1382
Charles Riegert1.5 kg1175
Peter Stoeckel1.0 kg1160
Joy Brann0.3 kg1153
Maureen Lissiman0.3 kg1253
Ron Delary-Simpson0 kg0050
John Hall0 kg0050
Colin Lilburne0 kg0050
Eric Parker0 kg0050
Ian Pereira0 kg0050
Romano, John0 kg0050
Filomena D'Alonzo0 kg0040
Janet Hall, (Visitor)0 kg0040
Andrew Stoeckel0 kg0040
Daniel Stoeckel0 kg0040
James Yeates0 kg0040

Sportsperson of the Year Section Winners for September.

Best Scale FishTony D'AlonzoMulloway4.35 kg
Best Bag of Scale fishTony D'AlonzoMixed20.7 kg
Best SharkTony D'AlonzoShark3.25 kg
Best Bag Including SharksTony D'AlonzoMixed23.95 kg

Field Day Sections for 2002/2003 up to September.

1ABest Scale Fish (1st Six Months)Vix Alexander Salmon4.15 kg
3Best Shark (4.5kg min)Tony D'Alonzo Shark8.15 kg
4Best Mulloway (2.0kg min)Tony D'Alonzo Mulloway4.35 kg
5Best Tailor (1.0kg min)Paul Thompson Tailor2.0 kg
6Best Salmon (3kg min)Vix Alexander Salmon4.15 kg
7Best Skipjack Trevally (0.5 kg min)Paul Terpkos Trevally, Skipjack 1.5 kg
9Best Scale Fish (Other than above)Paul Terpkos Pike1.45 kg
10Best Bag Of Scale FishTony D'Alonzo Mixed Bag23.95 kg
11Best Bag Of Mulloway (2 Fish Min)Tony D'Alonzo Mulloway13.3 kg
12Best Bag Of Tailor (2 Fish Min)George Holman Tailor7.1 kg
14Best Fish Caught on Fly RodJohn Jardine Tailor0.875 kg

Field Day Top Ten up to September 2002.

PositionAnglerTotal Points
1Tony D'Alonzo 1628.5
2Ken Black 465.0
3Malcolm Harris 442.9
4John Jardine 419.2
5Vix Alexander 376.7
6Mark Farnay 342.6
7Ian Taggart 340.5
8George Holman 340.3
9Ross Kember 325.6
10Filomena D'Alonzo 254.1

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